Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just me rambling

Time for school again and I have so many thoughts to think. I am excited, hopeful, worried, anxious. I am excited to learn and be challenged intellectually, spiritually, socially... so much lies in store. Thinking about how much I will grow in the next few months is inspiring.

But on the other hand, I am worried. I have a decent load of classes, I am working as a TA, a research assistant, and at the Pack and Ship in the bookstore. Not that any of these take too many hours individually, but it's just lots of little things to keep track of. So I worry about balancing it all and disciplining myself enough to get everything done as efficiently as I should. But I guess it's just another chance to learn.

Another great prospect on my mind is that of doing a study abroad... no telling, but I may just be in Vienna this summer. I know I have looked into lots of opportunities in the past, but this one really seems like it's the one. I'll keep ya posted. All I can say is that I am super excited. :)

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