Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I don't even know how to explain it, but I just want to DO something. I want to empower people. I want to empower youth who have so much to give, of time and of talent. I want to help people see their potential and act upon it. There is so much human creativity and goodness out there! So much has been done, but there is so much yet to discover pertaining to the human capacity! Think of all that could be done to improve and beautify the world in so many ways.

I don't have time to explain the half-formed ideas I have or to brainstorm more at this point, but I just had to get that out. Something big is in store if I just have faith that I can make things happen. I know I sound like Pollyanna... but I don't think that's such a bad thing. :)

Also, this inspires me. I may try to put something together. I have no idea what yet, but we'll see.


  1. Hmmm!! That hunger event really intrigues me as well. I would be interested in attending something like that. Keep me involved in the planning if you do put something together like that!

    Also, I feel the same way you do! As for me, I feel more of a drive to just help people. I just want to solve problems for people so they are happy and give them what they need. I feel it so strongly all the time! Especially with all the hard times in Haiti. I wish I could just be there fixing everything!

  2. Kari, we're such kindred spirits. :) You've served and helped me in so many ways! And now you're a mom and doing so much in that regard. But it is hard with things like Haiti when you just want to make everything right. I will let you know about the hunger banquet. I think it's in march here at BYU (I should know because I am involved with it)-- you guys should come! But I am also thinking of getting one going in MV via the youth I know. We'll see if I can get it off the ground... :)

  3. I understand what you are saying about serving friends and family but I want to serve those who have so much LESS than me. Wether it is physically or opportunity wise. I think about it a lot and I'm going to someday! As for now I just look for the small ways that Heavenly Father provides and someday when I'm done with my current responsibilities I'm gonna do something big!
    And I definately want to come to the hunger thing. Hopefully my schedule works out!