Thursday, March 18, 2010

In all honesty

Honesty is so vital--not only in terms of academics or straight up fibbing, but in the people we are. I think it's a common tendency to worry about others' perceptions, but we cannot keep ourselves to ourselves just to make things smoother (or so we think). The beauty of a person is in their uniqueness, their quirks mixing with their beauties and strengths. Not being our honest selves smothers joy, and in relationships with others it just delays development in whatever direction it is going to take anyway. There is so much in each one of us! Why would we ever want to withhold ourselves?

Well, fear. At least, that's what it is for me. I'm still trying to get over it every day. I keep myself from doing things, from taking risks... but then I stop and think about it and I know can do anything I want to do, so my paralysis is silly. I can do anything. I can be anything. But this realization brings me to another question-- what then do I WANT? Here comes honesty with self. To me this is the hardest because sometimes we don't know. Or sometimes we don't want to admit that we know because it means changing; it means making hard decisions; it means taking action. And that can be scary. But really, how exciting is it that we are the masters of our own destiny? Of course somethings are beyond our control, but we still have the capacity to decide how to use what we're given and make the most of it.

My last thought on honesty is simply that I find honest people refreshing. This doesn't mean I love really bitterly blunt or rude people; I simply love people who can say what they think or let you know if you're doing something you should change, but in a very loving, humble way. I love knowing that I don't have to guess what someone else is thinking or feeling. It means I don't have to worry. It means I don't have to be on guard. It means they can help me grow and I can trust them. Honest people make true friends. Being around such friends uplifts and inspires and makes me want to be more like them.

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