Monday, June 7, 2010

Just happy

I have nothing to say except that I am happy. I am happy in a way that I cannot put into words and that I really don't understand myself. But I am grateful for it, so grateful. I am thankful for all my experiences, for my relationships, for my dreams. I love life. I love seeing how much I grow even when I think I can't go any further. How exciting to have my own destiny to forge and my own soul to refine and develop.

Wonderful. That's what this life is-- full of wonder. It's packed full of feeling, full of fun, full of waiting, full of sadness, full of joy, full of possibility, full of meaning, full of all things that make us who we are and help us see who we can be. BLAR I can't express how peacefully happy I am about life right now. I am just happy!


  1. Katrina! You creeped on me by looking at my blog so I return the favor. :)

    But really, I'm glad to read about your happiness! Y

  2. Oh Katrina, you really make me happy from the inside out. I'm happy that you're happy! You've spread the love, and I am grateful for that! :)