Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today I have been thinking about gifts. I was looking through letters and notes given to me and thinking of the people who wrote them. I treasure nothing more than my relationships with others. I think heartfelt notes are the best gift you can get or give, I really do. I am grateful for them.

I have also been thinking of gifts in terms of personal attributes. Reading even just a paragraph in Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis makes me really stop and go "wow." Really, he has such a gift for articulating truths in ways that are so clear and beautiful. I could contemplate his points for hours. And although he was given this aptitude by God, it's not like it was just there ready to go. He had to cultivate it.

As do I. Even though there are frustrations along the way and I sometimes feel quite small, I am trying. I am excited to see the promise fulfilled that weak things will become strong.


And in case you care, in terms of developing my photography talent, I am inspired by Angie Penrose a lot. :)

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