Saturday, October 6, 2012

Life After India

It's been almost two months since we concluded our adventure. Though transitioning back to life in the US is much easier than being tossed into the pungency and bustle of Hyderabad, it's no secret that it's a little less exciting.

On a trip to Jaipur, India.
We came back with suitcases full of hard-bargained souvenirs, minds teeming with memories, and hearts bursting with a variety of indescribable human emotions. But my favorite thing that we brought back was each other.

Kyle-and-Katrina are a little different now. A little stronger and a little more adventurous. I don't think we really realized it while we were in India, through the excitement and the tears. But now we see it. And it's mostly in the small things.

Bobbling our heads when we're in agreement, Indian style.

Finding ourselves choosing to read The Chronicles of Narnia together instead of watching a movie when we have one of those rare free-but-lazy nights (though we still love movies).

Being a little more adventurous... and [me] being willing to get less sleep for it.
In the back of a very full van after visiting a rural village.
And best of all, we're closer.

After new experiences like learning to navigate the Indian transportation system, sharing a room with another couple (which ended up being a blast), and living through nights so hot you can't sleep, it makes sense we've come out stronger.

I'm so happy to know this is not the end of our adventures. I know most, or likely all, of our future  adventures will not be along the lines of working together abroad, but I'm sure glad we had this one. Now let's see what's up next!


  1. You guys are so awesome together and I can see the wonderful changes that have affected you because of India. Inspiring. Love you guys!

  2. I like the hyphenated Kyle-and-Katrina. It sounds like a separate character.

    India... so jealous!