Saturday, November 10, 2012

My dearest mother

I am so thankful for November 9. It's one of my favorite days because it marks the day my mother was brought into the world. Not only is she essential to my existence, but she has been so fundamental in shaping who I am. And I love her, of course! 
Because of Mom, I know who I am. I am of worth, I am a daughter of God, I am part of a loving eternal family. And I am happy.

Because of Mom, I know the temple is important, and I know that serving others is what makes us happy in life. I know that love means sacrifice and selflessness, because that is how my mother is. She is the most charitable person I know - so giving of her time and talents and warmth. I am trying every day to be more like her. I hope I can be the kind of mother she is.

Because of Mom, I know I am capable of so much. She has been my cheerleader and my motivation. Even when I don't believe her, she always seems to know where my strengths truly lie. If I'd listened to her more, I think I'd be even better off than I am now. But she has never been pushy; she has always let me choose. And perhaps that's worth more than a perfect career path.
Because of Mom, I have a wonderful dad. Thanks for getting him to get engaged to get married, Mom. :) You two are the best parents I could ever dream up. I know that my perspective on marriage and my relationship with Kyle are so much founded upon the love and friendship I know you two share.
This simple blog post cannot adequately express how much you mean to me, Mom. But know that I love you and I miss you!  And I think you are gorgeous! I just can't wait to be with you again at Christmas!! How I wish we lived closer. Happy (belated) birthday, Mama!


  1. This is the greatest blog that I have read all week long and its so wonderful to see someone who loves their mom as much as I do! You must be so grateful to have such a strong, spiritual, and loving relationship with your mom!