Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Explosion of excitement!

I am so excited for life right now! It's one of those times when you have way more wonderful opportunities than you can actually take advantage of.

So in the past week I have been asked to take engagement pictures by one wonderful couple, bridals and maybe wedding pictures for another, and a friend just asked me to take roommate pictures for them :) I'm going to be super busy, but I am soooo grateful for the opportunities to learn and to do something for other people.

And that's not all! My classes are amaaaazing so far! I am super excited for my gerontology class (about aging) because it will be so useful and interesting. I am also way stoked for dance, of course. And I just got out of my German family history research class and I already know I am going to devote way more time to it than is required. I love family history!

To top it all off (actually, the best part)--I've seen so many friends these last few days! Mostly it has been randomly running into people, many of whom I've been thinking about and really wanting to see. I LOVE catching up with friends and hearing all they have to say about what they've been up to and learned. I LOVE PEOPLE! Maybe that's why two of my top interests are photography and family history :)

This probably means nothing to anyone, but I had to share it because I am sooooo overjoyed right now with gratitude for my life!!

Also, here's a sneak peek of the pictures from our Oregon trip :)

PS: I'm just waiting for the OK to post pictures of the other family I took pictures of a few weeks ago.

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