Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Around the World

Also known as CAW :) Folk dance puts it on every year, and I was blessed to be in it.

... The dancing was so fun to watch and the dancers were amazing.
... I bonded with my wonderful team (10 Wilk we ARRRG!).
... I got to dress up in a fun Austrian dirndl (dress) and wear stage makeup again.
... Performing is a rush (though I get SO nervous).
... It was a beautiful personal spiritual experience.

Spiritual experience? you say. Yes, it was. Before each performance a member of PAC (Performing Arts Company) gave a spiritual thought, and each one really impacted me and opened my eyes. We were performing for Christmas-- as a celebration of Christ's birth. It was really stressed that we could express our joy and testimonies through our dancing. I had never really thought that before.

But I sure felt it. There was so much light and joy in each performance. I knew that the dancers were dancing with all their hearts, and not just to the end of performing well. They were rejoicing and expressing gratitude for their Savior.

And as I turned my thoughts from being nervous about messing up to focusing on expressing my testimony, the whole experience turned from fun and exciting to deeply meaningful and beautiful. CAW has helped me grow personally and I am so glad I had the opportunity to be involved.
Some of my team during rehearsal :)
And some of the other performances I enjoyed...

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  1. danget I wish I could have seen you perform! I've always wanted to see you dance, I bet you guys were amazing. Maybe you'll have to show me some of the moves that you did. Hope to see you soon!