Thursday, September 8, 2011

a list just because

This week I've:

-been hired for full time employment at
-cooked coconut curry for the first time... and it was delicious
-learned how to freeze zucchini, corn, etc. by first blanching it
-been reading The Picture of Dorian Gray, which has both intrigued me and disgusted me
-found that my second-to-little toe is somehow jarred really bad (no matter how much I wish it wasn't) and I do not know what I should do next... I pray it doesn't mean I have to stop running :(
-done more organizing in our apartment and finally took our pile of stuff to DI
-picked up a bit of crocheting again... there might be more on this later if all turns out well
-started thank you cards
-watched some great speeches online about creativity and changing the way we think (I'll post the links below)
-basked in the complete happiness that is being married to my best friend!

And I get to go to the temple tonight!

The speeches I mentioned:

*this one makes me want to delve into my creativity and get past my fears... for I have many when it comes to creating things:

*this one gives an interesting perspective on education and divergent thinking. Very interesting:


  1. Wow! That's lots of stuff. Wish I were that productive :)

  2. Only because I have no children and no responsibilities for a few short weeks :) I mean, look at your amazing kids! That's productivity if I ever saw it!