Wednesday, August 31, 2011

zucchini garden

Earlier this summer, amidst all of the craziness of wedding prep, we decided we wanted a little garden at our new home. So we planted some zucchini and yellow squash. (And some tomatoes, but we don't need to talk about those).

I've been in heaven with this bounteous harvest (see picture below) because zucchini and yellow squash are my favorite. So yeah, we've eaten lots. And of course made some awesome zucchini bread too.

That's how we discovered that zucchini bread dough is Kyle's absolute favorite thing. Ever. Who would have thought? I mean, it's good, but does it really beat out peanut butter? :) So we've had some dough in the fridge for him, and once we even mixed it with vanilla ice cream. I know, sounds crazy, but it was reallllly good. I have a feeling I'll be experimenting with more zucchini recipes soon. (Have you ever had zucchini lasagna before? I made it last summer and it was quite good, actually).

On that note, it's about that time of year when I will once again make an oreo cake. I have searched high and low for the one I used last year, but I cannot find it. But this one and this one look like they're similar enough, and delicious too. Happy (early) birthday Taush!


  1. have you ever tried zucchini spaghetti? delish. if you have a julienne, it makes it easy, or you can just cut long, thin strips from the zucchini for your noodles. let them dry out for a few hours and then put them in a boiling pot of salted water for about a minute. drain and serve with chicken and prego sauce! mmmm :)

  2. What? You have a zucchini garden? Is it in your house? How did you do it? Jealous. And the stuff about the zucchini dough is creeping me out.

  3. Mmmmm the zucchini spaghetti sounds great! Thanks Jessica!
    And Kari, yes indeedee! We have the garden right in the front of our apartment, just a little spot. And yes, the zucchini dough sounds gross, I know. But it actually is quite delicious if you get past the mental block :)