Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a sweet, sticky fluid made by bees + the natural sattelite of the earth

Couer d' Alene, Idaho- what a wonderful place to honeymoon. We spent a few days there, enjoying the little shops (especially the toy shop and candy corner), the beautiful lake, and a fantastic hike. It was a wonderfully stress-free and happy time, including a midnight swim in our pool, movie watching, and finding a golf ball in the lake.

Next, we headed over to Yellowstone because Kyle's aunt and uncle generously gave us two nights' stay there.The drive was interesting, to say the least. Both of us were feeling under the weather, there were miles and miles of roadwork (in Montana??), and the car was doing some weird jerking things now and then.

By the time we got to West Yellowstone, the jerking had stopped (we suspect bad gas... ha ha), but our tire was squeaking. We looked at it and saw this.....

Not the best picture, but the inside of our front left tire was totally ripped up. We were so grateful we got to Yellowstone in one piece! So we resolved to take it in in the morning and get it replaced and figure out what the problem was.

Long-story-short, the front tires were different sizes and it took the whole day we were going to go into the park to get them replaced. So, we went to Yellowstone, but didn't actually set foot in Yellowstone. But that was probably for the best.
We went to shops, watched movies, ate huckleberry ice cream. Plus, it gives us a great excuse to go back sometime. :)

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